AWS Virtual Private Cloud & it’s resources with detailed explanation with Video.

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Today, I am explaining about the AWS VPC and its related resources. in this Step by step VPC creation Tutorial, you will learn the following:

Clarify the Business Value & Business Reason why someone would go for this Demo:

The security of cloud infrastructure is a big deal in for any company.So It is always preferable to use your own custom network setting…

AWS Code Artifact: Secure, scalable, and cost-effective artifact management

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Today, I am going to describe the AWS CodeArtifact, and it's important aspects. Starting from theoretical & basic knowledge to the implementation of this service. Implementation includes launching a new Linux VM, installation of pre-requisites, and down the line upstream tool NPM, PyPI & Twine explanation. Also, We will create a Demo Project in Django Server and implement/ understand the AWS CodeArtifact in real-time.


AWS CodeArtifact is a fully managed artifact repository service that makes it easy for organizations of any size to securely store, publish, and share software…

Step by step tutorial for Installation of Copilot and application deployment | DevOps CICD pipeline for AWS ECS with help of AWS Copilot

Hi Folks,

Today, I am going to explain AWS Copilot CLI, which was released by Amazon by last week July 09, 2020. It will be a new sky limit for DevOps Process in the ECS cluster.

Use Case: It will highly useful in microservices deployment, where, only developers are responsible for infra deployment and management. So the developer can easily manage the infra from their local machine & create the deployment pipeline. This way they will save…

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I am glad to tell you that, I have been invited as a speaker in different AWS user groups program, and I have shared my knowledge with a mixed audience of AWS Community.

My topic of presentation are:

Please find all details below:

AWS Elastic Container Service + Code Commit (Git) + Code Build + Code Deploy + Code Pipeline + SNS + ChatBot +Application Load Balancer (ALB) + Route 53

Hi Folks,

In this blog, I am going to explain the step by step tutorial for AWS ECS and CICD DevOps deployment pipeline with the help of native AWS tools. You can find the below video and GitHub code repo for reference.

So Lets Start …. !


Step 1: Docker Basics
Step 2: AWS ECR Creation
Step 3: Create ALB
Step 4: Create an AWS ECS Cluster
Step 5: AWS Code commit…

Step by Step Tutorial to Set Up & Deletion of Global Accelerator for your application

Hi Folks,

Today, I am gonna elaborate functionality of, one of the AWS networking components know as Global Accelerator. Which helps you improve the availability and performance of the applications. This component is recently added to AWS certification exams. Especially in Advanced Networking and Solution architect Associate Exams.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of VPC, EC2, & Endpoints (like Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, EC2 Instances, or Elastic IP addresses, in each endpoint group) require.

Global Accelerator: AWS Global Accelerator is a networking service that helps…

VPC EndPoint Service vs VPC Gateway Endpoints vs VPC Interface EndPoints

Hi Folks,

Today, I am going to explain about the High-Level difference between VPC Gateway Endpoints VS VPC Interface EndPoints & its Lifecycle rules. The limitation section will be very sort and expressive.

For writing AWS Certification exams these are one of the most important topics. Especially all three Associate levels exams (Solution Architect, SysOps Administrator & Developer Associate) & AWS Specialty exams (Security, Networking). …

AWS EC2 EFS (Elastic File System) vs Windows FSx (Fast Storage File system) vs Luster FSx (Fast Storage File system)

Hi Folk,

In this blog, I am giving a high-level comparison of AWS EC2 File Systems’s, EFS vs FSx. It will also be helpful for the #awscertification AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam.


An Amazon EFS Elastic file system is accessed by EC2 instances running inside one of your VPCs. Instances connect to a file system by using a network interface called a mount target. Each mount target has an IP address, which we assign automatically or you can specify.


AWS: Elastic Network Interface (ENI), Enhanced Networking (EN) or Enhanced Network Adapter (ENA), Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA)

Hi Folks,

This block is telling you about the Amazon web service’s (NIC’s) Network interface card used in EC2 VM’s and its different types. I have mentioned the use cases and differences in all NIC’s types. It will be helpful in the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam preparation too.

Elastic Network Interface (ENI):

An elastic network interface is a logical networking component in a VPC that represents a virtual network card. It can include the following attributes:

DevOps CI/CD pipeline for LEMP (Linux, Nginx, Mysql and PHP ) installation and Code deployment from DevOps tools.(GitHub + Jenkins + GitHub+ Ansible + AWS)

Hi Folks,

Agenda: Step by step DevOps tutorial, for CI/CD pipeline for AWS EC2 servers. Which includes:

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