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Part 2: Step by step tutorial for managing, accessing, sharing, syncing, Locking and unlocking of a file. (Document management system (DMS))

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As mentioned in my previous blog, Setup AWS WorkDocs document management system (DMS), I am continuing part 1 for more exploration of WorkDocs features.

Step 1: Log in to your WorkDocs

Step 2: Set up your profile, to clicking on the upper side left-hand corner picture.

Step 3: Set your timezone & language.

Step 4: Click on the Open admin control panel. It will redirect to this page

This is an admin page where you can customize your setting for all the users and groups.

Let's start with the manage users option.

Step 5: Invite a user to manage user options, write the email id and click on the send button.

Once you send the invitation, you can see the STATUS as pending.

Now, the user will receive an email like below. Then need to click on get started button.

Step 6: User accepts the invitation

It will redirect them to the signup page. Fill your details and click on the Update user button.

Step 7: Once the user is accepted your invitation. The status will change to an active state in manage users tab.

Let's go one be on and explore all the options in the admin page.

a. Hancom Online Editing

Hancom ThinkFree lets you create Microsoft Office files (.docx, .pptx, and .xlsx) from the Amazon WorkDocs web application. You can also co-author and collaboratively edit .docx, .doc, .pptx, .ppt, .xlsx, and .xls files.

When you edit a document with Hancom ThinkFree, other users with edit permissions can join the live collaborative session to edit the document with you in real-time. Files edited with Hancom ThinkFree are saved automatically in Amazon WorkDocs.

b. Storage: By default 1GB Storage, you can extent till 1 TB

c. IP Allow list: IP Based allow list for the site

d. Security: All managed users can share publicly (Only administrators can invite new users.)

e. Recovery bin Retention: Files in the Recovery bin are saved for 60 day(s) before deletion.

f. Content Search: Indexing of content for search is enabled.

Disabling content search implies that users will not be able to search for content and comments. Once disabled, content search can only be re-enabled through Amazon customer support.

Please type “DISABLE CONTENT SEARCH” below to confirm this action.

Now let’s go in-depth with Navigation Bar and explore all options from the right side.

a. App:

If you will click on PC hyperlink, it will install the AWS WorkDocs Companion software.

Amazon WorkDocs Companion

Amazon WorkDocs Companion lets you open and edit a file from the web client in one step. Your changes are saved to Amazon WorkDocs as a new file version.

For Windows users, Amazon WorkDocs Companion integrates with File Explorer to let you:

  • Upload multiple files and folders from File Explorer to the Companion Uploads folder under MyDocs on the Amazon WorkDocs site.
  • Share a link to the uploaded files, or share a link with a 4-digit passcode.

b. Create: Click on Create, click on Document

Once you click on Document, it will navigate to the new URL, and it looks like below:

You have an Open document with File, View, Insert, Format, Page and Show Toolbar Drop-down Menus.

Thank Click Save and Exit button. It will be coming back to the original page.

Similarly, you can create and spreadsheet also.

Step 8: Rename the existing file

Select the file → click on action drop-down menu → then click on More → rename.

Give your required name to the file and click, anywhere outside, it will save the file.

To be Continue….!


As mention on top, We have successfully completed “Part 2. Step by step tutorial for more exploration of WorkDocs features, i.e.:

  • Admin control, document creation & rename.
  • User creation and acceptance
  • Navigation bar details of r all options.

In the next part, (Part 3) we will move forward and dig dive in WorkDocs and explore further options for versioning, file sharing, legal expertise and document security.

Please visit part 1 for the AWS infra setup.

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